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Disruption is not just about changing technology:
it’s about changing the logic of a business

FLYINGRHINO is an innovation and transformation partner
leveraging platform models, digital ecosystems and
 technology evolutions

We offer privileged and tailored access to a wide array of skills, services, information and international networks, aimed at guiding enterprises through complex and systemic stakes induced by innovation.

This problematic is addressed globally, enabling leaders to tame technological progress and new digital ecosystems and platforms models in order to optimize, grow, create value, transform themselves, and innovate.

We inspire ourselves from best practices from all over the world, and from all markets; but because each company is different, our approach remains totally tailored and adapted to the particular challenges of each of our customers.

Digital Transformation is not a technological challenge, but rather a business and strategy challenge for the future of each enterprise.

Our values

ambition,innovation,human,collaboration,international,results,relevance,impact, return on investment


We are helping you decode market and technology (r)evolutions, and to better understand corresponding emerging trends, in order to seize the right opportunities for the future of your business:

Innovation Sparring Partner: challenge your strategies, your way of thinking and innovating. Your right arm to help you challenge your ecosystems and teams.

Conferences, tailor-made corporate presentations; markets and ecosystems analysis, trends, case studies, impact, opportunities, technologies and new models.

 Innovation audit, Ecosystem & Platforms audit, Digital Transformation audit.

Executive Discovery Expeditions: tailor-made trips with real business impact (discovery, decoding, partnerships, etc.)

Business Intelligence: selection and regular prioritization of market developments, models and technologies impacting your business

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives
but the most adaptable to change”
Charles Darwin


For a longer-term reflection giving a coherent framework to your projects, it is necessary to build a strong foundation by setting a vision and an overall innovation strategy for the company; it will also allow, beyond the classic evolution of the company, to identify incremental or radical innovation opportunities (disruption);

• Definition of your global strategy of innovation and digital transformation

Ecosystems & platforms: adapt your strategy and way of thinking to harness the disappearance of traditional sectors

Cross-Industry Innovation: adapt best practices from other sectors to innovate, using AI tools.

Business Models: use new “on demand” models, platforms, social business, business model pivot, monetization, etc.

Open innovation: gain agility and collaborate effectively between startups and large groups

Strategic partnerships: move across your value chain and capture more value

« When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared
for everyone telling you you’re nuts »
Larry Ellison


Transformation? Why, How, When?
Digital Transformation, like any transformation, requires a vision, a strategy, and intermediary steps of execution, monitored by KPIs. Our role is to help you define this plan, and make it concrete and actionable.
  • We start with a Digital Audit of your company or your Business Unit.
And then we orchestrate our work around 3 pillars:
  • User Experience: improve user experience, increase sales, multiply touch points for a global experience
  • Operations: reduce costs, increase productivity, optimize the value chain
  • Business Model: evolve your existing model, create new offers, enter new markets, find new sources of monetization

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